1. you hear me but you’re not listening.

  2. leave me

  3. The view through the foyer window.

  4. The world is [still] upside down.

    new username, same old Gobi___

  5. △▽△▽△

  6. somnambulism (at ראשון לציון)

  7. inversion therapy

  8. air-travel: yet another ordinary miracle we take for granted. (at The Sky)

  9. blurry sunrise

  10. the world is [still] upside down. (at عين عبدات)

  11. sleep

  12. blurry sunrise

  13. Lonely roads and yellows. Fairy armadillos. (at Ben Gurion Memorial)

  14. The rivers are sinking… (at חוות נחל בוקר)

  15. 🐪 (at The Negev, Israel)