1. Sunset paddle season; Kayaking on king ripples, gold flakes in a salt lagoon. We watched a swimming river otter while April sang a summer tune. (at Humboldt Lagoons State Park)

  2. The world is upside down. (at Humboldt Lagoons State Park)

  3. I go on describing this place and the way it feels to live and die.

  4. God’s rays hunting Ladybird mid paddle one week into “so much more.” Cliff side, the adjoining ferns speckle with bright sunlit sections; leaves wearing necklaces of gold. (at lady bird johnson grove. Redwood Forest National Park.)

  5. I see myself in you.

  6. I’m 24 today.

  7. 🐴

  8. If there lives a place on earth where peace is to be found, where blackness breaks, where the soft somber caresses of the winds loud echo beseech inner reflection and self-wit, it will not be found intentionally. The land will find you. Somewhere in a lighthouse, light is searching, twinkling cursive and living.

  9. Go

  10. 🍦 (at Pink House )

  11. Critical Mass boat side on a curly day. (at Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary)

  12. Mound-humps of an odd-toed ungulate. Wild horses conjugate stoically beneath the pines. To be, to eat and sleep and dream.

  13. °Õ°

  14. desert waterfall

  15. so much depends upon a wooden staircase concluding a trail leading to the ocean. (at Luffenholtz Beach)